In Japan


I hope you’re all well and healthy! It has been a hard time for many, but I hope this blog post will brighten your day.


As you can probably guess, this month has been very slow. All club meetings, school presentations, and workshops have been put on hold, the speech competition was LMP cancelled and then done online, and the snow camp was cancelled. I’m most disappointed about that because I was looking forward to seeing a different area of Japan and meeting people from all over the world. Luckily, the LMP, the intern reports, and club activities were still able to be held through online video.

I also got to go to Enoshima again! This time I went with my host mom and dad. I went to the little island for the first time. The view was great!!

Everything there has しらす. While I’m wary towards eating things that still have eyes, it was really good!

We also went to a beautiful zen temple and bamboo temple. 本当に大好きだった :)At the bamboo temple we also drank very good 抹茶 with a relaxing view of the 竹.

Some more fun with friends:

We had a small 餃子 party at my house and worked on 餃子 party at my house and worked on 紙芝居 for my friend who will go to the US and my host sister who will be an intern in Mexico

I spent a day with a ファミリークラブ member. We went to her freind’s house where we had tea and chatted. They have a cute Shiba Inu dog that I played with! For some reason, it could understand my English commands!

Stay safe everyone!

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