Mi vida en Japón :)

An update on my life in Japan!

私は皆のおねえちゃん 😀

Even though I’ve been busy with work, I’ve still been able to do some fun things and make new friends!

On a lunch break, Sei-chan and I went to a Chinese restaurant. It was fun and the food was really good! 好吃!!

I’m excited to do Chinese New Year themed MKP with Sei-chan and Kei-chan!

I went to Chinatown in 横浜 con mi madre! It rained and even snowed a little, but it was fun! I had エビそば, lychee milk tea タピオカ, and ゴマ玉. It was all so good! We also visited a Chinese Daoist temple.


The camp at Mt. Fuji was a lot of fun! It’s the closest I have ever been to the mountain. Despite Sayuchy saying I’m like a grandma for going to bed early, I’m glad I woke up early to go on the morning walk to see Mt. Fuji.

I also went to the キキマンファミリー to learn more about Japanese and Asian languages. We talked about the I Ching. I realized it was a very important book in Asian culture, yet I hadn’t heard of it before. It made me realize how Asian culture is still connected to ancient times very different than the Western morals and beliefs that I know. There is still so much for me to learn from other views here.

My first time to 秋葉原!I went with my host mom and sister. We all didn’t know much about anime, but it was still a great time for all of us. We did gacha gacha and visited some stores! We also saw the Tokyo Tower lit up.

After that, we went to 浅草 for a little and picked of a Korean friend of my host family who went to Mexico as an intern. We ate sushi together.

I presented at an elementary school near my first host family, so I stayed the night there! I got to see some friends from that area again! I also went to 小江戸 again and had a great time!

I’m on the second story in my bilingual Japanese book. I have also been learning more Russian words and trying to speak the language. Now that Esaú is here from México, I can try to speak more Spanish too!

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